Language is a tool
a tool to search for the deepest
in the depth is silence
foundation of the world
a place where we are home.


The Hebrew Language is a Holy language and the Hebrew letters are more than just signs to communicate with. The alphabet has 22 letters and 5 final letters. It is written from the right to the left. The word for letters in Hebrew is Ot.
The meaning of the Hebrew Letters is rooted in Jewish mysticism. Through inheritance thoughts of the tradition of mystics we nowadays have the knowledge about the wisdom and their inner hidden meaning. What fascinates me so deeply is that there is, in the sequence of the letters, order, wholeness and joy.
There is a saying that the Hebrew letters are the building blocks of Creation and that with their universal wisdom they are vessels to reveal the meaning of creation.
Each letter has a sound, numerical value and meaning.  The Letters of the alphabet are very acient universal symbols and creative divine powers, The Alphabet begins with the Alef and ends with the Tav. The Alef is the Oneness, Light, the divine power in which everything exist and starts from. The Tav, the phenomenon of the cyclus, and in which every end is a new beginning.
Working on the illustrations I was inspired by ancient historical symbols of several art cultures and the universal meaning of the Letters. The illustrative drawings surrounding the Letters show something of the meaning of the Letter. Likewise the Letter Ayin (see letters) is the Eye of sight and insight. The eye is the symbol of seeing, not only looking at things outside but also looking inside yourself, to look maybe at places where it might be dark and hard.
The Letters are made with pen and ink, with goldpowder and drawing pencils. The originals are 6 x 6 cm.