Letters van Licht
Letters of Light, about the hidden meaning of the Hebrew Letters is published (at this moment only in Dutch) by Amphora Books in Amsterdam
Available for 17,50 euro at Amphora Books Amsterdam, in the webshop of this website, the bookshop of het Jewish History Museum or to order in the regular bookshop:
ISBN-10: 90-6446-044-2 / ISBN-13: 978-90-6446-044-9


Monique van der Feer wrote a book about the power en meaning of the Hebrew Alphabet: Letters of Light”.
As an artist she is fascinated by colour and letters. Inspired by Jewish mysticism she looks for words to bring alive the meaning of the Hebrew letters, by their forms and spiritual meaning.
In the beginning of the book we find the history of the alphabet, by stories and the mystical wisdom off the letters, which she illustrates with clear words and artistic drawings.
The heart or the book are the chapters in which she starts each letter with a colorful monogram  and an explanation on the letter, by its form, historical background, its numerical value and the meaning of the letters for our daily life. The text is inspiring and it moves us forwards to thinking and reflection. With meaningful words, texts and stories from Jewish tradition she makes a connection between the letter, the reader and the soul of existence. It becomes clear why the letters are powerful, positive divine creative energy, building blocks of creation.
It is not a book to read at once but more to read part of it every day and to reflect on the text, meditate, draw or move on it.

 Workshop Otiyot Chayyot: on request (more info here).


This is an article from the magazin of the Jewish Television Organisation, the Spreekbuis, october 2008 (click it to see a larger image).